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CLICK THIS LINK for the Wood Islands Ferry Schedule from Caribou Nova Scotia. 
Rossignol Winery is approximately fifty minutes East of Charlottetown, the Island’s Capital. Stop by and see us when you land on the Island!http://www.peiferry.com/route-schedule/http://www.peiferry.com/customer-service/maps-directions.phphttp://www.walkandseacharlottetown.com/shapeimage_25_link_0shapeimage_25_link_1shapeimage_25_link_2
CLICK anywhere on the map. Then click the “A” balloon. Click on our street address. Google Maps will open. 
Click on “Get Directions” at top left. Enter your present location in Box “A” at top left. Google Maps will instantly provide you turn by turn directions to our winery from your present location.